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Frequently Asked Questions
Q1. How much does it cost?
No Sitting Fee.
Photo prices can be from as little as $40 for a 5 x 4 inch single box shot to $395 for a huge 20 x 25 inch photo with 18 images on it.
There are many prices in between.
Packages are available for purchases over $150.
Q2. How should we dress for the shoot?
This is a personal choice, basically we advise Customers to select clothing that they feel comfortable in and that it should be something that you will also appreciate seeing for many years to come. Jeans and a t-shirt are classical and always look great. If you have a special outfit or costume, feel free to bring them along and dress them up. The majority of customers stick with the classic denim & white but as you can see from our photo gallery, colours look great too. If you look or the kids look awful in white, you don't have to wear it, choose colours that match your skin tones.
Q3. How long does the photo shoot take?
From our home studio in Bedford our shoots usually last between 1 - 2 hours.
We have dvds for the kids to watch, so no more stressing about if the kids are about to wander off in the shopping centre.
Q4. What happens during a photo shoot
You arrive at the studio, have a look at our display photos & see what styles that you might be interested in. We take the photos whether they be portraits or BoxShotz & take as many frames as possible. The benefits of using digital photography are such that we can download your photos straight away and you have the opportunity of viewing them before ordering. You can choose which photos YOU want. The final decisions are then made as to which style you are going to choose for your home. The paperwork is filled out, you pay your deposit & leave the rest to us.
Q5. Do I need to leave a deposit?
Yes a minimum of 50% deposit is required for us to proceed with your order.
Q6. Why is BoxShotz Photography different to other photographers?
BoxShotz take a modern approach to photography. Our styles are vibrant and original. We do not portray children posing like adult models. We instead try to capture their cheeky personalities & make the shoots as much fun as possible!
Q7. Do I have to buy anything at the photo shoot?
No you are not obliged to purchase any photos. You are welcome to walk away knowing that you do not have to pay a cent. You have the peace of mind knowing that you do not have to be forced to buy anything you don't like.
Q8. How long does it take for delivery?
Collection is usually about 2 - 3 weeks from the day of your photo shoot.
We can post your photos to you once paid for in full. This will cost an extra $10 for postage & handling.
Q9. What methods of payment can I use?
Credit card or cash are the methods of payment.
Handy Hints
# Our photo sizes are mainly 11 x 14 inch, 16 x 20 inch & 20 x 25 inch. So before you come have a look around your house & think about where you would like to put your picture. Sometimes it helps with your final decisions if you have an idea of how large you want to go or how much space you have. Do you want it in your entrance, lounge, hallway or family room.
# If your children are not well on the day of your scheduled shoot, please call & reschedule. Sick kids are not happy kids & will not photograph well or enjoy the experience.
# If you are happy with us...tell the world...if not, then please tell us.